Thursday, January 12, 2012

Index Card a Day 7-8-9-10-11 The Creative Journey

(watercolor paint, black sharpie)
As you can see I have ventured off my January List again...into a rainbow colored world!  I thought I was using sharpies way to I decided to use some watercolor....and then my mind went blank so I just doodled a little house and tada!  Again I have to remind myself that this isn't about great's about "messing around with materials and having fun!"

                                                             (sharpies and other markers)
Back to the list for card 8....and it's My Lucky Number....8. I tried to use the lines of the card to help make straight worked ok...but I am line challenged and I need to remind myself to keep a VERY steady hand!

                                                              (tea bag packet, sharpies)
Again...I ignored the list. I wanted to try something "different". I had intended to collage but found myself without collage materials when the muse I opened my desk drawer and decided to create "Art From My Desk Drawer". About the only glueable thing I could find was a tea bag packet. It actually turned out "ok." In fact, I sort of like it because it is a bit more artsy than my cards have been so far!!

                                                    (watercolor, black sharpie, collage eyes)

My "Ode to Purple Card". I decided to watercolor a few cards because I had the paints out and I figured I could do the water color part on like four cards and then use them for upcoming days. This one I decided to use only purple. I tried to create some swirls etc because I was reading on an "artsy" blog how you should do that and then "look" for things in the swirls and go from there. I could "see" some little flowers so I doodled those and then the whole "ode to purple" keep singing in my brain. So I knew if I did collage I would need some purple things. I have only recently started my collage files so I didn't have a BIG selection....but I did find the eyes and they worked. Again I like this card because it seems a little more "artsy" and less elementary schoolish. LOL

                                                               (watercolor, collage)
I was only going to share three cards per post but then I decided I was so close to having them all "caught up" that I might as well post the last one. I love this little card...because:

1. I love the little monkey. He's adorable. When I clipped him out of a magazine I knew he'd make a fun card!

2. I feel like my cards are evolving into something...I don't know...what...but they have "grown" in just 11 short days.

3. The card is ME...Live Hard....with 2012.  The heart makes that little statement "softer" so not live hard as being mean but live life fully!!  Have adventures....enjoy!

So all the cards are blogged...except of course todays....which I haven't done yet. I need to get up some other posts so this blog doesn't become ALL index  Later dear's a snow day so perhaps I'll blog a bit more...later!

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