Saturday, January 7, 2012

Index Card a Day: Days 3, 4, 5, and 6

                                                            (index card, black sharpie)

For Day Three I didn't need the list either....I wanted to try a little cityscape. I had noticed these several times on different blog. This is my first try at isn't near as cute as some I've looked at but it's ok for a first one. I imagine I will be doddling lots more of these so I hope to imporve my technique!

                                                             (index card, black sharpie)

Day Four I used my focus list...and the Five Senses of Winter popped out at me. So I created the card using just black ink and a tiny smudge of brown sharpie!

                                                             (index card, black sharpie)

Snow Family is the theme for Day Five!!  Reminds me of being in elementary school and drawing little things like this. To me the index cards aren't about GREAT art...I'm really not all that talented in that area. the cards are about enjoying the creative process.

                                        (index card, collage words, highlighters, black sharpie)

Day Six....I decided I have been using the black ink and sharpies too much and I want to try to mix it up a bit. My idea was a collage but I just didn't have any good collage material I used the Reflections of Life cut out of a book. I also used high lighters and black sharpie. I'm not crazy about the lettering on the card...I needed a finer tip marker and the sharpies tip was a bit worn down!

I'm almost to day seven!! I'll do that card today which will mean I have made it through week one!!

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