Monday, January 23, 2012

SoulCollage: The Princess Card

I am the one who loves pretty things.

I am the dreamer of dreams that end happily ever after.

I am the one who dreams of leaving the mundane for the magical.

I am the one who believes in the power of love.

I give you the desire to explore new things, the softness of beauty, and the caress of enchantment.

I give you the wonder of dreams and the goodness of life.

I give you the doorway.

I want you to soar, to recognize your beauty, to pamper yourself and to indulge in the riches of life.

You are a princess. Your riches are inside you.

Your soul, your spirit is more valuable than diamonds or rubies.

The measure of your worth is not in dollars and cents but in the essence of you!

Hold this knowledge and do not let the weary world rob your of your treasure.

A few years back I wanted to make soulcollage cards....I made the Princess Card above and wrote out my thoughts and I started two others but then the project got set aside. It's always been in the back of my mind. I love the whole concept. The whole intuitive part of the process. So I decided to get out my box of materials and start again and to share them here with the readers of Ginger's Journey. This is NOT my idea...if you search SoulCollage you will find sites, blogs, and instructors for the process. It was originally copyrighted by Seena Frost. On my blog I hope to just record my personal journey through the process. 

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