Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This CrAzY World

The last two weeks have been so crazy...that this is where I dream of peaceful....:)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder about what motivates people to act the way they do?  Is it all personality and life circumstances?  Is it all based on their perception of life?  I've encountered several situations lately that have made me really question this.
I'm not talking about the once in a while slip up, the sometimes poor handling of stress, or the goof ups we all have. I'm speaking of a deeper "way of being". That core essence inside us that makes us choose honesty and an upfront approach as opposed to manipulation, half truths and deceptions.

It amazes me that people can criticize and call some one out on something....a which they themselves have not been completely honest. A situation in which they themselves have made a major mistake. They ignore their own and hone in on someone else. I'm like "really?" Wow!

So weird.....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Head is Spinning

I have so many projects and things going on right head is spinning. So me are things that I want to do and others are those nagging things that we must get accomplished.  I've been blogging a lot and before I went to Mexico I was several days ahead in my blogging schedule...but not anymore!!

Hopefully things will settle down and I'll get some things accomplished and feel a bit more in control.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Mexico Art Journal

While I was cleaning some drawers in the craft area....I found this little board book....I thought....hmmmm....this would be perfect for a little art journal documenting the Mexico trip....or Mexican art/culture in general!  And so I used the newspaper I brought back to get started. First I used red paint to paint the cover and then added the clippings. Last I used some modge podge to coat it all and make it more durable! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My word for 2012 is TREASURE....and this is the nine square page I made for January in my One Little Word album. I am suppose to be working on February....but I need nine little images and alas I haven't even started yet...I will do it!! I will....I will...

I just need to look through photos I've taken this month and also browse the internet for images that "speak to me" of my word! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

La Luna and El Sol Bowl

I picked this little bowl up at the market place in Puerto Vallarta. It is so pretty!  It is about the size of a small cereal bowl. I really like it because I LOVE the moon. I mainly looked for Day of the Dead stuff (missed a good little diorama...but I wasn't sure if was a good price...:( It was! ) I also looked for Loteria things but didn't really see any.  When I go to Cancun next month....I'll be on the look out for those little dioramas...I saw lots after the flea market but none I liked as well as that little display!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back from Mexico

As I posted earlier, I was in Mexico for a birthday celebration and what a great one it was!!
The resort we stayed at was fabulous!

It was a little cloudy one day but the view was still breath taking!  There was plenty to see and do on the resort. The had a variety show of one kind or another every night, two pools, the ocean (of course) and several wonderful places to eat. It's hard to come back to the "real world" when you've been at an all inclusive!  We stayed at the Riu Jalisco in Nuevo Valarta (which is in the same general area as Puerta Vallarta). We went into Puerto Vallarta one day and had breakfast, shopped at the flea market, and went to Senor Frog.  

At the swim up bar....the BEST....!!! <3.  Now it's back to work and back to real life....but never fear...another trip to Mexico is just around the corner!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Index Cards 32-33-34

(collage pics and words, sharpies)

Index Card 32 (Feb. 1st)
Dark Horse.....I looked through my collage pics and this one seemed to pop out at me. "I have my moments."  Sometimes I'm the dark horse....sometimes I bet on the dark horse and sometimes I overlook the dark horse!

(collage pics, sharpies)

Index Card 33 (Feb. 2)
Again a card inspired by a tidbit I found in the collage box. And its sooooo true!

(paint, sharpies)

Index Card 34 (Feb. 3, 2012)
This is another one of the paint cards. I have started using up any extra paint I have left over from other projects but swirling or smearing it onto index cards. I let them dry and then I have some "base cards" to work with when my muse strikes.  On this one I didn't have much inspiration...I just needed to get a card done!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Index Cards: 30-31 January is finished!

(paint, sharpies)

Index Card 30

Honestly have no idea what inspired this card other than I had some left over pink paint that I smeared on the card and then the words just popped into my head. What are pink days?  I don't know but they remind me of cotton candy, little girls and summer lemonade!  Maybe it was the child inside of me whining for

(paint, sharpies)

Index Card 31
Another "pink card".....such is the life of left over paint on a brush!  I used the swish as a path and then all the little blobs just sort of turned into "follow the flower petals of life".  Enjoy, celebrate and stop and smell the flowers!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm in Mexico!!

By the time this posts I'll be in sunny Mexico!  I couldn't write about it sooner because it is a surprise for my niece's birthday!  She knows she is going with her sister but she doesn't know my two daughters and I are joining them there!!  Our plane is to get there about 40 minutes after theirs!!  I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you when I get back.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walking the Road of Life

Picture from:

Walking the Road of Life

 I walk
Misty world
Past no longer visible
Future concealed

 Dim beacons  
Light trumphs darkness
Overhead glimmers
Truth and justice

Where do you lead?
In the mist

GS Feb. 2012

Copyright 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Honestly Zumba is kicking my butt.  I started out going two days a week and this week I am shooting for three. I am exhausted after it but overall I think it is increasing my energy level.
There are weeks where I will be missing a night or so....but overall I am trying to committ to two nights with a third some weeks!

The plus is....when I put the exercise in my "calorie counter" app on my phone....I get to get a few more calories on Zumba days... :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Index Cards 27-28-29

(sharpies, sticker)

Index Card 27: A lovely cottage....surround by aura....dream like....because it would be a dream like place to live!
(paint, collage pic, sharpies)

Index Card 28:  I wanted to try this whitewash technique I saw on line. It turned out sort of cute....:)

(stamps, paint, sharpies)

Index Card 29:   At the time it was still January but I found the heart stamps and thought...let's try stamping with paint....hmmmm.....not exactly as I envisioned but it was fun creating it!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The World Through a Fogged Up Window!

For some reason lately I seem to be in a daze!  I don't know....maybe too many things to remember and yet I don't really seem to be accomplishing anything either.  It's like looking at the world through a foggy window.  I guess I should be's probably only temporary, some people live life in a if they don't quite "get it". Althought what "it is"...I'm not really sure!!

You know the ones I'm talking about...the people that do not see the subtle nuances of life.  The ones that can't pick up on signals...of people's moods and personalities. They don't have a very well developed sense of intuition and they seldom get punched in the stomach with gut feelings! There not bad people...just clueless. That's NOT, I think that I just have too many things swirling around in my head right now. Perhaps I'm trying to do too much and in the end nothing really gets accomplished and I only get stressed out.

So it's time for a list and simple measures....mark one thing off at a time, stop taking on new projects and exploring new ideas...take a break...and relax. Maybe even get BORED...gasp!! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Index Cards 23-24-25-26

Card 23
(collage pic, sharpies)
This was a fun card. It reminded me of our trip to Mexico a couple of years ago!

Card 24
(paint, sharpies)

I made this card because everyone is the family came down with a horrible virus and were very sick. Evan and I weren't sick yet and we were hoping the germs would stay away!

Card 25
(collage pic, sharpies, printed words)
This was just a fun little card. I like the squirrel pic.

Card 26
(Collage letters, sharpies)

So Evan and I stayed home sick. Neither one of us was near as sick as anyone else had gotten but Evan had a field trip the next day and we were trying to get him "ok" for that!
Evan laughed when he say this card!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Topics to Explore

So starting in January 2012...I made a little list of topics to explore each month. It started out as an idea list for my Index Card a Day if I got stuck I could look at the list and create something from it. Then as I was getting ready to post this...I thought..."hmmmm, I could use this list for other things too....blogging topics, poetry, thoughts and ideas about life etc etc."

I'm not sure where the list came just sort of popped into my maybe my subconscious is giving me messages. Last month...I used most of the January topics for cards but not all....pictured below is the January card since I can't remember if I shared it or not!!

It will be interesting to see where this month leads....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top Ten List of Things I Learned in 2011

Yes I know its already February but I never did share my top ten got in the way!

1. Even little adventures can be all depends on what you make it!

2. Slamming into a car with your body on Christmas NOT the way to end a perfect day!

3. Every friend is in your life for a reason. Savor the reasons!

4. There are still places of awe to see like the Badlands and Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

5. You're never too old to be scared of at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.

6. Art is about life....

7. Life is full of "small" people but don't let people make your life "small."

8. keeps you young!

9.  I'm too old to try dressing like a playboy bunny....I look more like an Easter Bunny!

10.  Every day something happens that makes me appreciate being alive!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So one night I found the corn-eye picture in a magazine while I was cutting out collage pictures. I think its for a new television series thats about to come out. Since I wanted to work in my art journal I decided to use it as the "theme" or focus point of the page. I've also been wanting to do more actual journaling in my art journal so I just did some free thoughts journaling to see where it would take me.

At first I was like "weird" ...where did all of this come from? I wasn't feeling particularly afraid of anything. I think the thoughts are more about life in general and what I see going on around me rather than a personal saga. I've been thinking lately that everyone (at work) has been going around wondering ..."what's going to happen next?" or "what are they keeping from us?"  Sometimes I do feel alone and holy cow....keep your head down!

Art mimics life?  Is that a quote or am I confusing it with another saying?  Either way...its does bring out in us subconsciously some interesting thoughts and ideas. I think that's why art is so often used in therapy. What it brings out doesn't always have to be deep and dark. It can also tap into the free spirited child inside us. The one that wants to bounce on the bed and splash paint all over the paper. Or the faery that likes to swirl colors, with laughter like tinkling bells. Or the wise ancient sage who has some profound thoughts to bring to life.

With creating have nothing to fear but fear itself!

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