Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So one night I found the corn-eye picture in a magazine while I was cutting out collage pictures. I think its for a new television series thats about to come out. Since I wanted to work in my art journal I decided to use it as the "theme" or focus point of the page. I've also been wanting to do more actual journaling in my art journal so I just did some free thoughts journaling to see where it would take me.

At first I was like "weird" ...where did all of this come from? I wasn't feeling particularly afraid of anything. I think the thoughts are more about life in general and what I see going on around me rather than a personal saga. I've been thinking lately that everyone (at work) has been going around wondering ..."what's going to happen next?" or "what are they keeping from us?"  Sometimes I do feel alone and holy cow....keep your head down!

Art mimics life?  Is that a quote or am I confusing it with another saying?  Either way...its does bring out in us subconsciously some interesting thoughts and ideas. I think that's why art is so often used in therapy. What it brings out doesn't always have to be deep and dark. It can also tap into the free spirited child inside us. The one that wants to bounce on the bed and splash paint all over the paper. Or the faery that likes to swirl colors, with laughter like tinkling bells. Or the wise ancient sage who has some profound thoughts to bring to life.

With creating have nothing to fear but fear itself!

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