Monday, February 6, 2012

Index Cards 23-24-25-26

Card 23
(collage pic, sharpies)
This was a fun card. It reminded me of our trip to Mexico a couple of years ago!

Card 24
(paint, sharpies)

I made this card because everyone is the family came down with a horrible virus and were very sick. Evan and I weren't sick yet and we were hoping the germs would stay away!

Card 25
(collage pic, sharpies, printed words)
This was just a fun little card. I like the squirrel pic.

Card 26
(Collage letters, sharpies)

So Evan and I stayed home sick. Neither one of us was near as sick as anyone else had gotten but Evan had a field trip the next day and we were trying to get him "ok" for that!
Evan laughed when he say this card!

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