Thursday, February 16, 2012

Index Cards 32-33-34

(collage pics and words, sharpies)

Index Card 32 (Feb. 1st)
Dark Horse.....I looked through my collage pics and this one seemed to pop out at me. "I have my moments."  Sometimes I'm the dark horse....sometimes I bet on the dark horse and sometimes I overlook the dark horse!

(collage pics, sharpies)

Index Card 33 (Feb. 2)
Again a card inspired by a tidbit I found in the collage box. And its sooooo true!

(paint, sharpies)

Index Card 34 (Feb. 3, 2012)
This is another one of the paint cards. I have started using up any extra paint I have left over from other projects but swirling or smearing it onto index cards. I let them dry and then I have some "base cards" to work with when my muse strikes.  On this one I didn't have much inspiration...I just needed to get a card done!

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