Monday, March 26, 2012

Shoulder Work Ahead

This is my little attempt at shoulder surgery humor. UGH.....can you believe it...that fall all the way back on Christmas Eve...tore my rotator cuff in three places. One is possibly all the way through.  They couldn't tell for sure because of all the fluid. So surgery ahead. I'm dreading it. Today I get all the lab work, EKG and chest X rays April 16th....wish me luck!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Living Life the Wild West Way

A few posts back I posted the Beware of Rattlesnakes sign with a promise of a future post. Well here it is.

The Wild West....rattlesnakes, stray bullets and snake oil...

Can you image living your life in an Wild West sort of way?  Imagine rattlesnacks hiding under rocks and in the sage brush. Quiet and coiled, ready to strike. No warning except maybe that little rattle right before they strike. Once the teeth penetrate the's life or death...and mostly death. So it's important to watch your feet, to watch where you are walking and to listen carefully for the slightest rattle.  I know some rattlesnakes...they try to blend in but every once in a while you catch that flicker of their tongue!  

Now while you are watching your feet, you have to watch your head and back too. Stray bullets, meant for someone else often miss the intended target and wind up hurting some innocent bystander. Or maybe just maybe they were meant for you after all and the "story" is that it was a stray bullet. The only thing you can do about stray bullets is keep your eyes open and your head low.  Sometimes that's hard to do when you really care about what's happening in the world around you. 

Then on every corner there is someone trying to sell you snake oil. You know those wild stories of use this and you will grow hair, be stronger, live forever, heal all your aches and pains. You know whatever version works. There's still a lot of snake oil salesmen in the world today...trying to sell you their version of reality. Who to believe and who to trust?

You have to gather your wits, observe, and think for yourself. Now that's sort of hard to do while you are avoiding snakes and dodging bullets. It can be done...not only can it be is crucial if you plan to stay alive in the Wild West surrounding you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Home Reality

I posted a while back about the tornado destroying our camper that we kept set up down at Bennet Springs. We finally have the insurance payoff and can move forward on purchasing our new summer place. We decided since we kept the camper set up down there all the time that we would just buy a bigger mobile home. It comes furnished and with dishes, pots and pans etc. The lady is only taking her clothes and a small TV. True the livingroom furniture leaves something to be desired but we will replace that a bit later!

So on Thursday it becomes official....I love the deck...and the bench....and even the bear with the trout. I have a few "log cabin" decor items that will find there way down to this place!  I am also stocking up some card and board games to keep here! We have a nice shed there too so we can keep some of Evan's toys and all the fishing stuff nice and organized for summer fun!

Now if we can just find a bit of time to head down and relax!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Index Card A Day Update

I've only managed to blog up through index card 37. I'm up to date on doing all of the cards but doing them AND blogging them all is getting a bit overwhelming. Also I don't want Ginger's Journey to turn into Index Card a from here on out I will just share a few of my favorite cards here and there along the way. I hope you enjoy them....

Cards 42-46 The Mexico Series

Day One:  The Flight to Puerta Vallarta

Day Two: Day Drinking at the Pool

Day Three: Ocean Love

Day Four: Breakfast Down Town

Day Five: Trip Home.

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Summer Home?

Here's a picture of our old summer home....destroyed by a tornado on February 28th 2012.

This is a picture of our possible new summer home. Everything hasn't went through yet so I'm not sure...I love the deck and bench!  I can certainly see myself sipping some ice tea and reading a book here!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Irish Folklore and the Moon

The Irish say to see your future...whether it be good or bad, take a mirror out into the moonlight and let the moonlight fall onto it. In the mirror you will see the face of someone connected to your future!

In Celtic cultures mead  was associated with vitality and was also believed to be an aphrodisiac. For this reason mead became a favorite part of Irish weddings. The term honeymoon may well be associated with the Irish tradtion of the married couple drinking mead everyday for one full moon (one full month) after the wedding.

It was considered lucky to see the full moon over your right shoulder but bad luck to see it over your left.  The very worst luck of all is for the light of a full moon to shine on your face as you sleep at night. It means you will not see the year out.

See you at the next full moon....for more full moon folklore....with the April Full Moon!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Full Moon

There are several different names for the March full month. Many are derived from the seasons or seasonal events.  Such is the case of Worm Moon because as the ground warms the erath worms begin to move about and robins return!
In other areas of the US crows begin cawing signaling the beginning of sprin thus the name Crow Moon is sometimes used for the March full moon.
In other places as the snow melts by day and refreezes by night the name Full Crust Moon developed.
In regions where tree sap played a role in survival the March moon was often called the Full Sap Moon.  Anoither variation is Lenten Moon, which is the last full moon of winter announcing the beginning of spring..

In 2011 March brought us a Blue Moon (the second full month is the same month. The next Blue Moon will be August 31, 2012.

Different cultures used diffferent names for the March moon. Depending on country or region there are names from Fish Moon to Moon of the Wind, to
Sleepy Moon.

As I blogged quite a while back I am fasinated by the moon and by the folklore surrounding it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Full Moon

Full moon
Dreamy confusion
Shimmering light
Hazy earth
Clear thinking
Round orb
Casting its spell

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Index Card Saga: 35-36-37

Index Card 35  (clip words and sharpies)

Index Card 36 (paint and sharpie)

Index Card 37 (sharpies)

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