Friday, March 9, 2012

Irish Folklore and the Moon

The Irish say to see your future...whether it be good or bad, take a mirror out into the moonlight and let the moonlight fall onto it. In the mirror you will see the face of someone connected to your future!

In Celtic cultures mead  was associated with vitality and was also believed to be an aphrodisiac. For this reason mead became a favorite part of Irish weddings. The term honeymoon may well be associated with the Irish tradtion of the married couple drinking mead everyday for one full moon (one full month) after the wedding.

It was considered lucky to see the full moon over your right shoulder but bad luck to see it over your left.  The very worst luck of all is for the light of a full moon to shine on your face as you sleep at night. It means you will not see the year out.

See you at the next full moon....for more full moon folklore....with the April Full Moon!

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