Friday, March 23, 2012

Living Life the Wild West Way

A few posts back I posted the Beware of Rattlesnakes sign with a promise of a future post. Well here it is.

The Wild West....rattlesnakes, stray bullets and snake oil...

Can you image living your life in an Wild West sort of way?  Imagine rattlesnacks hiding under rocks and in the sage brush. Quiet and coiled, ready to strike. No warning except maybe that little rattle right before they strike. Once the teeth penetrate the's life or death...and mostly death. So it's important to watch your feet, to watch where you are walking and to listen carefully for the slightest rattle.  I know some rattlesnakes...they try to blend in but every once in a while you catch that flicker of their tongue!  

Now while you are watching your feet, you have to watch your head and back too. Stray bullets, meant for someone else often miss the intended target and wind up hurting some innocent bystander. Or maybe just maybe they were meant for you after all and the "story" is that it was a stray bullet. The only thing you can do about stray bullets is keep your eyes open and your head low.  Sometimes that's hard to do when you really care about what's happening in the world around you. 

Then on every corner there is someone trying to sell you snake oil. You know those wild stories of use this and you will grow hair, be stronger, live forever, heal all your aches and pains. You know whatever version works. There's still a lot of snake oil salesmen in the world today...trying to sell you their version of reality. Who to believe and who to trust?

You have to gather your wits, observe, and think for yourself. Now that's sort of hard to do while you are avoiding snakes and dodging bullets. It can be done...not only can it be is crucial if you plan to stay alive in the Wild West surrounding you.

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