Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Full Moon

There are several different names for the March full month. Many are derived from the seasons or seasonal events.  Such is the case of Worm Moon because as the ground warms the erath worms begin to move about and robins return!
In other areas of the US crows begin cawing signaling the beginning of sprin thus the name Crow Moon is sometimes used for the March full moon.
In other places as the snow melts by day and refreezes by night the name Full Crust Moon developed.
In regions where tree sap played a role in survival the March moon was often called the Full Sap Moon.  Anoither variation is Lenten Moon, which is the last full moon of winter announcing the beginning of spring..

In 2011 March brought us a Blue Moon (the second full month is the same month. The next Blue Moon will be August 31, 2012.

Different cultures used diffferent names for the March moon. Depending on country or region there are names from Fish Moon to Moon of the Wind, to
Sleepy Moon.

As I blogged quite a while back I am fasinated by the moon and by the folklore surrounding it.

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