Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Home Reality

I posted a while back about the tornado destroying our camper that we kept set up down at Bennet Springs. We finally have the insurance payoff and can move forward on purchasing our new summer place. We decided since we kept the camper set up down there all the time that we would just buy a bigger mobile home. It comes furnished and with dishes, pots and pans etc. The lady is only taking her clothes and a small TV. True the livingroom furniture leaves something to be desired but we will replace that a bit later!

So on Thursday it becomes official....I love the deck...and the bench....and even the bear with the trout. I have a few "log cabin" decor items that will find there way down to this place!  I am also stocking up some card and board games to keep here! We have a nice shed there too so we can keep some of Evan's toys and all the fishing stuff nice and organized for summer fun!

Now if we can just find a bit of time to head down and relax!

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