Friday, April 6, 2012

Bad Luck, Living It, and Easter

Lately I've had a run of bad luck...or so it seems. First the tornado at the end of February, then I found out we have termites and then my daughter's car engine went out meaning she needed a "new" car. I'm also scheduled for shoulder surgery. There have been quite a few minor "bad lucks" in there too which I will not bore you with listing.

When so much is happening all at once you feel as if you have the weight of the world on you. I haven't been very focused on blogging, that's for sure!  I had to keep telling myself...just live it....eventually it will pass, things will get straightened out, etc. I said a few prayers thats for sure. When I pray about things like this I feel guilty because I know there are others in situations so much worse.

That prompted me to thinking about the "weight of the world". Really? these bad times are so small compared to the days before Easter when Christ knew he must suffer and die. He knew it was coming, he asked God if there was a way to "avoid" it but in the end the answer was no. Now that my friends, really is the weight of the world.

So I will prepare my home for Easter this weekend and I will do it with a joyous heart knowing that God is aware of my "small troubles" and will not give me more to handle than I can.

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