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Negativity (Part One)

I've been pondering the whole idea of negativity lately for a variety of reasons that I won't bore you with. While I do recognize the "power" of positive thinking I am also pondering how often we use "negativity" as a term to describe lots of other things. Using the word negativity brings up...well a negative image...a belief that at least "part" of the problem is the person's negativity. And while sometimes this is very much the other times labeling something "negativity" prevents us from really seeing the problem and addressing it. The issue suddenly becomes the person's negativity rather than whatever the person is negative about. A sort of misdirect that keeps everyone in a loop and prevents forward movement.
Yes we can view a glass as half full or half empty....yes the positive aspect would be to view what we have rather than what we have not....but the REALITY of the situation is that there is only half a glass.…

If I Only Had a Brain!