Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday in Hot Missouri

It's really shouldn't be this hot but it is!  We got a wee bit of rain a couple days ago but today is another scorcher!  Typically this feels like JULY weather not June. I used to say June was one of my favorite months because it was warm and sunny without being unbearable...oops...guess I'll have to rethink that!

I know people say we are NOT getting climate changes but come on...YES we are!  All the armadillos migrating up this way is another sign. Started out you would see them in Oklahoma and Texas. A couple years ago they started showing up in southern Missouri...and now they are even further north in Missouri!

I'm almost afraid to ask..."what will we see next?".

Friday, June 15, 2012

Beach Cottage Office Part 1

Two years till retirement....and what better way to jazz up those last two years than an office makeover....Since my office is a brown (yes brown!) and I can't really change that I needed a theme to work with the Beach Cottage. I do so love the ocean!

I've been making and collecting items to use...I can envision can I just pull it together. I'm getting there!  I still need a big fern....need to buy it soon before they all disappear!  I also need a wicker (or white table) and a wicker chair or two. I'm watching the thrift shops for this little (and most expensive) addition!

I've made some sea glass tinted bottles.  (Recycled bottles, free and tinted modge podge for the two center bottles, the rippled bottles are from Dollar Tree and is the shell dish!)

And bought these cute little flip flop wall hangings with pegs. (60% off at Michaels so $1.60 a shoe....and they are sooo cute....hard to tell from the picture!)

And these cute beachy looking coasters for my desk and little star fish that I am going to string somehow... (Michaels 2 dollar items)

And these wooden stars which I am going to paint....a nice sea blue....or maybe one white and one blue...haven't decided yet.  (Clearance at Michaels...1.49 each!)

Oh I have a bunch more stuff too...but I've already packed it away in a box until it's time to go back to work....July 30th. (sniff!)  So when I get it set up I'll post more pics or if I get it out before then!

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