Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thinking about Thanksgiving

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Yes you remember Thanksgiving, that often overlooked holiday between Halloween and before the madness of Christmas descends upon us. This year each day from November 1st I posted an I'm thankful my status on Facebook. 
The more I posted the more difficult it became. Not because I don;t have plenty to be thankful for but because I didn't want the messages to be the old tired routine things we say when someone asks us what we are thankful for.  I wanted them to make us pause and think perhaps just a little bit deeper about what we have in this world to be thankful for.
So tomorrow before you dig into the feast, pause for a moment and take count of some unique and wonderous things that you have in your life.  

Blogging Christmas

Photo from: My Digital Studio

So this year I thought I wouild try something a little different....I am going to try blogging Christmas 2012. This will include December I hope I'll be able to keep up. What will I blog about? All manner of things....daily events, thoughts and memories, anything that pops into my mind. I hope you will enjoy it.  I am posting about the Christmas Art Journal at both: The Creative Spirit and Rudolph Ramblings so if you are interested in that project, check out those blogs!

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