Wednesday, January 2, 2013

52 Little Questions: #1

This year I'm working on a project called 52 Little Questions...where you answer a question a week. There are lots of formats for answering. I am using cards and putting the question on the front and the answer on the back. You can see the weekly art cards over at The Creative Spirit. but I thought it might also be fun to journal the questions here at Ginger's Journey.

Week One Question: What word will you live in 2013?

Every year for the last five -six years I have picked a word to try and live for the year. I struggled this year with a word but then I started thinking about WHAT do I want most in life right now?  I would love to worry less and relax more. So serenity seemed like a perfect word for me.

Now when I start to worry about things, things from the past, future concerns, many things that I have no control over....I remind myself of my word...SERENITY. I try to let go of old baggage and live in the moment, aware of God's promise and having faith in life.

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