52 Little Questions: #5

It's already week five!  I've been consistent for FIVE whole weeks....yeah me!
Question Five:  What is the last book you've read?
Seems of late I have been reading in spurts. I have the whole set of Shades of Gray that someone let me borrow and honestly I've yet to open them. People rave about how good they are and perhaps that's why I am reluctant to read them. I'm not sure I'll agree. They are on my list though so I better get started soon as I am behind everyone else with this set!
I always try to download the Free Fridays' books from Nook. Poor Barnes and Noble certainly haven't made a lot off of me with their e reader books. I bought a few at the beginning and then just have been reading the freebies. Some are better than others of course.
The last book I read was on my Nook and it's a book called Executive Privilege. It'a about the President of the USA and whether he is involved in some murders.  There are quite a few twist and turns. I can't said it is the best I've ever read but it was good and for FREE...it's GREAT.
What are you reading?


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