Friday, January 18, 2013

Calming Area

I found this image while browsing the internet and I thought....WOW....I need this....not the sign....a CALMING AREA.
I mean really couldn't all of us benefit from such a spot?  A place to unwind, relax, and just get our minds "right" with the world.
In fact I wonder if we had more calming areas....perhaps we would have less violence in our world today. Where are those little islands of sanity that used to exist everywhere and now are so illusive.
Grandma's house, the neighbors backyard, a favorite shop, the library, a shady tree in the park. It used to be easier to find a calming spot. A place where one feels secure and can actually let their gaurd down. Can reflect and meditate and just "be".
You know the more I ponder this the more I think I'm onto something. The world is so busy, so dangerous, so unpredicatable that the need for calming areas is greater now than ever before.  At just such a time as we need more....we find less.
I challenge you....find some calming areas so you can refresh your soul!

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