Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Full Moon 2013

The January full moon was January 27th so I am a few days behind in this post but I feel compelled to share a little full moon information with you.

According to some Native American beliefs the full moon that falls between January 20th and February 18th is called the Rest and Cleansing Moon.  People born under this full moon belong to the Buttefly Clan and their directional totem is the Buffalo.

This is the second full moon of Waboose (the North Wind). This moon can help you develop your psychic ablities and to uncover important aspects of your own being. Search deep inside and this moon may reveal secrets locked inside your soul.

This moon also brings us "medicine" or knowledge about when to rest and when it is time to cleanse our bodies both physcially and spiritually. The days surrounding this full moon might prove to be an excellent time for meditation and contemplation.

I'm hoping to continue my Full Moon series each month so I'll post more moon lore around February's full moon.

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