Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Paths We Walk


Have you ever felt like you were walking a path and you knew you were on the right path but not where it would lead you or what it meant?  I've experienced that quite a lot and have blogged about it here several times using different words to describe the experience.

Today I suddenly got that whole "this means something" feeling again. I was looking through information about some Native American beliefs and it struck me once again how much of a parallel there is between "concepts", "ideas", or "beliefs". Spanning the world there are stories or beliefs about things that all sort of fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Oh there are lots of differences too but there are so many similarities that it seems unbelievable that it is just coincidence.  Cultures around the world could not have all came up with beliefs that all fit together or at least compliment each other.

So there was that little moment of "finding a path" but it was a larger feeling than that. It was just like I felt right on the edge of a cliff of understanding. Like I was doing EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing. Pondering, wondering, searching. This is a path I am supposed to be on...but the path itself is still tangled with overgrown weeds. It's not a clear path but it does whisper to me.

 I have written several times about moon lore and the fact that I feel a sort of connection to the moon. It's not surprising that many cultures have beliefs and write about the moon. I mean a big glistening orb in the dark sky is kind of hard to miss. What strikes me is the fact that as I read...there are so many things that "jump out" at me. As if I'm "rediscovering" something I already knew. It's not just the moon, there are other topics or stories or beliefs that seem to ellicit that same feeling.

I have felt this before and usually after some time I have abandoned the path because there are so many topics and so many things to do in this life but I find it interesting that even as I detour "into" other things there is some similarities to the things I am drawn to. A connection. I keep coming back to these "common threads" as if there is something I am meant to know but can't quite see. I honestly have no idea what it all means but I feel if I keep unraveling this "blindfold" I have on that perhaps I will get a better map of the path and where it is going.

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