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Goodby August

So today....I took down the August calendar and realized....that it's my last August to spend working at school. So I decided to say "goodbye" to August and blog about it here at Ginger's Journey.  I'll also share:
So I made some little monthly journals to use for The Last the end of each month I'll try to remember to blog about them here at Ginger's Journey. Right now on my window sill at school I have August, September and October displayed. I haven't written in them all yet because one must take each month as it comes.  They look sweet sitting there waiting.

Here are the thoughts from the August one.

Each page has some journaling starters but I have been trying to mix them up so they aren't the same every month.

Something that made me wonder why.....As you can read in the picture I wondered why we didn't get first day of school information sooner. All in all the first day went pretty well but I'm a creature of habit and I k…

Good Stuff

So I bet you thought I'd be blogging last year stuff today...didn't you? Well, WRONG. Or at least partly wrong. I wanted to show you this cute little mini journal I made.

The pattern for this little printable journal can be found over at Grace is Overrated. She also provides step by step directions for folding it to make this cute itsy bitsy journal. Each little page has a prompt or question. I haven't written in it you but plan to. I think keeping positive and focused and motivated this last year is important. I might make more than one of these. Or create a few of my own...tuck them away in a little tin, My thoughts during this last year. (Stay tuned...if I create a few of my own...I'm making them school specific and I'll be back later to share them. )

My Last First Day

So you had to would hear from me today. I was assuring my friend, Cresia Stark that I wasn't going to post pictures, post on Facebook, and blog EVERY single day about my last year...but surely The Last First Day is worthy of a post. So last year when Evan was in Kindergarten we printed a first day of school sign and he had his picture taken with it..."My First Day in Kindergarten" Of course we wanted to do that again this year..... Isn't he that got me to thinking I needed my own sign... Everyone asks..."how does it feel?". It feels surreal. It feels bittersweet. . Like I can't remember an August in my lifetime where I haven't been exhausted, had trouble falling asleep, and felt keyed up. This year is no different.  Thousands of things swirling in my mind, crossing my path during the day, and bidding for my attention. Yet at the same time...different. It's easier to be calm when it's your last first day You might …

Teachers' Meetings, Team Building and Change

I wasn't planning to blog here at Ginger's Journey today. It wasn't in my blog planner (yes blog planner, where I list my blogs and what I want to write when) In fact I have some other posts I really need to get scheduled at other blogs but hey that's how Ginger's Journey has always been....I blog when the mood strikes and ignore it when it doesn't. That's a lot like the ebb and flow of life. I thought I'd challenge myself to name all the principals I've had in my years in education. Then I realized....I can't remember the principal I had my very first year. Wow, wonder if I can dig that up somewhere? So here's the list....minus that name: 1. Principal at Bellflower 2. Bollwerk 3. Anders 4. Bain 5. Wolfmeyer 6. Hilbert 7. Spears 8. Hoover 9. Dreyer 10. Crowell 11. Ray 12. Kemp 13. Barnes 14. Pirrung that all of them? With 30 years that is an average of a new principal every two years. Anyway at this point you may be asking "…

Who's Counting: Blogging My Last Year of Work

For those who haven't heard (and I'm not sure who that would be since I have said it a million times) this is my last year of work. At least that is the plan at this point, to retire at the end of the year.  I thought it might be fun to blog the last year so we will see how that goes.

Pictured above is the little countdown I've included on the bulletin board right above my desk. I'm already back at work for the new school year but the "official" countdown doesn't start until the first day of school which is August 14th!  On that day I will take down the 189 and I'll have 188 days left. The reason I have more days then a "real" school year is because I have an extended contract.

My old boss, new Prairie Home superintendent, and nice friend, Dr. Barnes gave me some wise advice about not wishing away life. He's right!  I hate to admit that and even put it in actual written form. I'm not wishing it away.. This little countdown and blo…

Personal Monthly Goals: August

I'm going to try to get back in the habit of setting monthly goals in 8 major life areas. To help me do so I decided to adapt this form to suit my "areas". There's enough room in each box to write one goal per month.

The areas are:

Health & Fitness

There are also two littler boxes for Books to Read and Notes.  It's already August so I best get my form filled in.  Sometimes just the act of writing something down makes it seem a lot more attainable.