Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodby August

So today....I took down the August calendar and realized....that it's my last August to spend working at school. So I decided to say "goodbye" to August and blog about it here at Ginger's Journey.  I'll also share:
So I made some little monthly journals to use for The Last the end of each month I'll try to remember to blog about them here at Ginger's Journey. Right now on my window sill at school I have August, September and October displayed. I haven't written in them all yet because one must take each month as it comes.  They look sweet sitting there waiting.

Here are the thoughts from the August one.

Each page has some journaling starters but I have been trying to mix them up so they aren't the same every month.

  • Something that made me wonder why.....As you can read in the picture I wondered why we didn't get first day of school information sooner. All in all the first day went pretty well but I'm a creature of habit and I know after 30 years that everyone feels a little more comfortable "knowing" what's going to happen.
  • A WOW moment was when I actually realized that I had worked with 14 principals over the last 30 years.
  • A "this is the last time" moment. First day of school....felt bittersweet and surreal.
  • Something that made me go Hmmmm. The number of so called "trainings" we had this year and had to "sign off" on them. Sorry but reading a 19 page handout isn't really training. We also watched numerous videos. I don't really feel like the trainings are for us to actually "learn" anything but are more a CYA for the district. It's like that everywhere now days though not just in our school. It is the way of the times but it sure feels like shaky ground.
  • A "when we do this next year" moment. We started talking about some changes we might want to make to handing out schedules next year and I found myself thinking...."I'm not going to be here to worry about this next year."  I have to admit....I like it....feels very freeing.
  • Something that made me laugh.  I'm sure there are plenty of things I laughed about in August but when confronted with this page I came up blank. So I picked up the phone and called Debbie to see if she remembered anything funny I laughed about. Then I realized how absurd that was and ended up laughing about it...hence I used it for my page!

  • One thing I'm totally looking forward to.  Alaska Cruise. June 2014. This is a combination retirement cruise/vacation for both Dale and I. A couple friends are going with us and we are really looking forward to the adventure!!
I'll be back to blog more of he Last Year throughout the year....I'm going to ignore Cresia and write and status update it as MUCH as I want. LOL. See ya soon!

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