Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who's Counting: Blogging My Last Year of Work

For those who haven't heard (and I'm not sure who that would be since I have said it a million times) this is my last year of work. At least that is the plan at this point, to retire at the end of the year.  I thought it might be fun to blog the last year so we will see how that goes.

Pictured above is the little countdown I've included on the bulletin board right above my desk. I'm already back at work for the new school year but the "official" countdown doesn't start until the first day of school which is August 14th!  On that day I will take down the 189 and I'll have 188 days left. The reason I have more days then a "real" school year is because I have an extended contract.

My old boss, new Prairie Home superintendent, and nice friend, Dr. Barnes gave me some wise advice about not wishing away life. He's right!  I hate to admit that and even put it in actual written form. I'm not wishing it away.. This little countdown and blogging is meant as a celebration of my 30 years in education. Thirty years!  Well at the end of the current school year it will be. It just doesn't seem possible.

I hope you'll join me here at Ginger's Journey while I celebrate my life's work!  I'll be taking a trip down memory lane, as well as, blogging a little bit about the current school year! Education is one of those areas that makes you think deja vu frequently. You'll get to hear a little bit about my favorite principals, (you know who you are!) the schools I've worked in, and a tongue in cheek look at educational trends.

I don't really have a blogging schedule and whenever I try to set one up it's a disaster so just pop in every now and then and see what's happening here!

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Foster said...

;) can't wait to read your thoughts and memories!

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