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Full Moon Folklore

The full moon was Wednesday night and it was glorious. Round and shimmering with beauty.

This moon is called the Harvest Moon by most. In the medicine wheel of the Cherokee it is the third moon of Shawnodese, the south. This moon can teach you about gathering things into your life, about preparing and about turning points. As summer turns into fall it is important to remember the natural cycles of the seasons and of life.

Many people might consider my interest in the full moon folklore to be pagan or even "witchy".  I don't. God created the full moon as surely as he did anything else and in most of my full moon readings the symbolism and the lessons to be taught are NOT in conflict with Christian views. I don't pretend to worship the moon, but rather to learn from it. I believe there are things we are suppose to learn in this lifetime, to fulfill our journey. I don't think it really matters how we learn them (well I'm not suggesting a murderous rampage or a…

All in All......

Sometimes catty remarks and bad attitudes hidden behind fake smiles just reminds me how much....I LOVE my life!

Why It's Impossible to "Not Care."

Yes that's another goofy picture of me from Spirit Week....(yeah me!)  Today I asked myself a question: "Why do you care?"  Like I was slightly, yes only slightly annoyed over something at work. I thought "why do you care?"  It didn't really impact me and not many others seemed to care or at least they didn't say much about it. So why even bother to question things? Why even speak what's on my mind?  It would seem it should be easy to just "let things go." After all I'm not going to be around the school that much longer so in the end does it matter? First let me say the little thing that annoyed me made me realize a  "fear" . That fear is perhaps that these little things are only the tip of the iceberg. That it somehow indicated (and it still may) a much larger issue of communication and collaboration. It also made me question whether we are making decisions lightly without looking at all aspects. But perhaps it is me that …

The Last Year: Change, Pep Assemblies, and Living It All

More last year blogging...come on you know you LOVE it. Well, I love it and it's my blog!!

We have a new principal. Remember the 14 in 30 years. Well WHY does number 14 have to have so much energy...right when I have so little?  I mean back in those kindergarten years... dressing up and doing zany days....why I LIVED for that! Ha, if it had been green and white day I could have dressed up like the Grinch. Well, our colors are RED and WHITE so I had to come up with something a little wacky.

This awesome inspiration came to be at 5:00 am on the morning of the pep assembly. I thought I need to ask my friend for the fur leggings she wore for Madonna Mania!!  I entered school with the black and red and got "attacked" immediately. Well, attacked is a little harsh but they yelled at me..."red and white". I said "back off Bs...I'm heading down to get the rest of my outfit!!"

 Hence I arrived back at Blackhawk Middle School with my WHITE fur leggings. Ma…

Thunder and Lightning

As you go about this week, here’s a question to ponder: Are you the thunder or the lightning? Lightning is the power electrical charge produced from a buildup of both positive and negative forces within a cloud formation.  Thunder is the sound produced by lightning. Lightning is often seen as a “negative force” but I chose to look at it differently. Think of yourself as the cloud. As the two forces (both negative and positive) build up internally.. lightning is produced. It can be a swift sharp illumination. Or it can flicker dimly in the distance. It’s impossible to miss though. Can you channel the raw energy produced by these lightning bolts? Can you use them to charge forward into the darkness and light up an otherwise bleak landscape?  Can you feel the energy of the lightning cascading through you?  Lightning can be a beautiful display. It can electrify life and cause us to gasp in wonder. It can also destroy. If you are the lightning you must use caution to contain it as a raw ener…

September Goals, Being Moody, and Blogging

So today's post is supposed to be about my September life know like the sheet I showed you last month for August....I divide it into different areas of spiritual, hobbies, marriage etc. Then I set a little monthly goal in each area. I like it, it works even if half the time I don't get to the least it keeps me thinking about life....and ALL aspects of life...not letting one area overwhelm or suffocate the others.

But today I'm being moody...and I'm not in the goal setting mood. Why am  moody?  I haven't a clue is pretty much "ok" right now. Well, of course, there are things that could go a bit better but all in all...not bad.

I've written before about how sometimes I get struck with this odd sense of uncertainty, anxiety, or just blah-ness. Sometimes its as if something is right on the edge of my consciousness but I can't quite "see" it. As if there is something lurking there that I rea…