Friday, September 20, 2013

Full Moon Folklore

The full moon was Wednesday night and it was glorious. Round and shimmering with beauty.

This moon is called the Harvest Moon by most. In the medicine wheel of the Cherokee it is the third moon of Shawnodese, the south. This moon can teach you about gathering things into your life, about preparing and about turning points. As summer turns into fall it is important to remember the natural cycles of the seasons and of life.

Many people might consider my interest in the full moon folklore to be pagan or even "witchy".  I don't. God created the full moon as surely as he did anything else and in most of my full moon readings the symbolism and the lessons to be taught are NOT in conflict with Christian views. I don't pretend to worship the moon, but rather to learn from it. I believe there are things we are suppose to learn in this lifetime, to fulfill our journey. I don't think it really matters how we learn them (well I'm not suggesting a murderous rampage or anything)
The Harvest Moon teaches us about discrimination, fair decisions, good sense, perseverance, confidence, and the ability to analyze. I don't see anything evil in that. And don't get me wrong, I do believe in evil. I don't fully understand it but I know it exists. I just don't think God gets upset if I look at the beautiful moon and am filled with the wonder of the universe. I don't think He shudders if I talk about the energy and the lessons that the moon can teach us. More through study and reflection than anything else.
The moon catches your eye but it is only in reflection and contemplation that you can learn the lessons from it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

All in All......

Sometimes catty remarks and bad attitudes hidden behind fake smiles just reminds me how much....I LOVE my life!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why It's Impossible to "Not Care."

Yes that's another goofy picture of me from Spirit Week....(yeah me!) 
Today I asked myself a question: "Why do you care?"  Like I was slightly, yes only slightly annoyed over something at work. I thought "why do you care?"  It didn't really impact me and not many others seemed to care or at least they didn't say much about it. So why even bother to question things? Why even speak what's on my mind?  It would seem it should be easy to just "let things go." After all I'm not going to be around the school that much longer so in the end does it matter?
First let me say the little thing that annoyed me made me realize a  "fear" . That fear is perhaps that these little things are only the tip of the iceberg. That it somehow indicated (and it still may) a much larger issue of communication and collaboration. It also made me question whether we are making decisions lightly without looking at all aspects. But perhaps it is me that over analyzes. Maybe it doesn't really matter in the end.
I'm always a little bit of the devils advocate. Questioning, challenging, examining, clarifying. I'd have less stress if I just "didn't care."  All I can say is that it's not my human nature to just "oh well" things. My intention is not disrespect for decisions that are made, or to be a trouble maker, or to be uncooperative. It is simply to ask, think, to seek to be a catalyze for change that is grounded. Most people don't. Either out of fear or perhaps because they think their opinions make no difference in the overall scheme of things. Well, nine times out of ten, nay maybe nineteen times out of twenty, mine don't either. What about that one time though.
The world is lacking people that care, just for the sake of caring, whether they have an invested interest in it or not. The world needs questioners, challengers, and yes sometimes even "trouble makers". Are we to be like lemmings, with no real sense of who we are nor where we are going?
It's  as impossible for me to "not care" as it is for me to not breath. Even when it doesn't really touch me. Letting go of caring about people, a work place or a community seems unnatural to me. And when I say "not caring" I don't mean about hugely important things...I mean even about the small things. In my mind the real growth is in the small things. In many ways its easy to make a decision about BIG things because we ponder those, ask for ideas, seek collaboration, and examine closely our decisions. It is in the small things that we sometimes stumble.
Well, I'll try harder to let the water roll by me while I sit on the bank in the shade and enjoy the lovely autumn days. All I can say is "I'll try".  Cheers....see you again soon for more last year thoughts!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Year: Change, Pep Assemblies, and Living It All

More last year blogging...come on you know you LOVE it. Well, I love it and it's my blog!!

We have a new principal. Remember the 14 in 30 years. Well WHY does number 14 have to have so much energy...right when I have so little?  I mean back in those kindergarten years... dressing up and doing zany days....why I LIVED for that! Ha, if it had been green and white day I could have dressed up like the Grinch. Well, our colors are RED and WHITE so I had to come up with something a little wacky.

This awesome inspiration came to be at 5:00 am on the morning of the pep assembly. I thought I need to ask my friend for the fur leggings she wore for Madonna Mania!!  I entered school with the black and red and got "attacked" immediately. Well, attacked is a little harsh but they yelled at me..."red and white". I said "back off Bs...I'm heading down to get the rest of my outfit!!"

 Hence I arrived back at Blackhawk Middle School with my WHITE fur leggings. Man they were HOT. AND with my red and white hat (yes she just happened to have it so I thought...what the heck.)I look like a damn Whoville.  At least I showed some spirit...for this my last fall pep assembly!

I'm trying to "live it all" even when I feel some internal resistance. Not resistance because I am negative just because after 30 years of's just lost a little sparkle. I'm still excited about life but in a different way. I must report though that the kids loved the awesome-ness of my fur legs and all the sixth graders kept wanting to touch them...weird....but it makes me laugh!

Now just one question: "Do I HAVE to do pajama day Monday?"   A whole week of wackiness might be more than I can bear at this point. (just kidding).

Monday, September 9, 2013

Thunder and Lightning

As you go about this week, here’s a question to ponder: Are you the thunder or the lightning?
Lightning is the power electrical charge produced from a buildup of both positive and negative forces within a cloud formation.  Thunder is the sound produced by lightning.
Lightning is often seen as a “negative force” but I chose to look at it differently. Think of yourself as the cloud. As the two forces (both negative and positive) build up internally.. lightning is produced. It can be a swift sharp illumination. Or it can flicker dimly in the distance. It’s impossible to miss though. Can you channel the raw energy produced by these lightning bolts? Can you use them to charge forward into the darkness and light up an otherwise bleak landscape?  Can you feel the energy of the lightning cascading through you?  Lightning can be a beautiful display. It can electrify life and cause us to gasp in wonder. It can also destroy. If you are the lightning you must use caution to contain it as a raw energy force and not a destructive one.
Or perhaps you are the Thunder (not my most favorite but sometimes we are just the thunder). The noise left behind when the powerful current produced by the lightning subsides. Are we just the noise?  The noise is late in coming and isn’t really pretty. It can be a gentle rumbling but it still just rolls across the sky without much power. In other words “talk is cheap”. Will you produce energy, beauty, and a breath taking display or will you “show up late” and rumble, roar, and boom?

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Goals, Being Moody, and Blogging

So today's post is supposed to be about my September life know like the sheet I showed you last month for August....I divide it into different areas of spiritual, hobbies, marriage etc. Then I set a little monthly goal in each area. I like it, it works even if half the time I don't get to the least it keeps me thinking about life....and ALL aspects of life...not letting one area overwhelm or suffocate the others.

But today I'm being moody...and I'm not in the goal setting mood. Why am  moody?  I haven't a clue is pretty much "ok" right now. Well, of course, there are things that could go a bit better but all in all...not bad.

I've written before about how sometimes I get struck with this odd sense of uncertainty, anxiety, or just blah-ness. Sometimes its as if something is right on the edge of my consciousness but I can't quite "see" it. As if there is something lurking there that I really should be paying attention to but I can't quite grasp it. It's really affecting me because usually September and October are my most energetic months and I am just not "feeling it".

I think I'm physically tired and that doesn't help but its more than that....I'm psychologically tired....and that is not as easy to solve. I think I need more "down time" and that means "shutting off the brain too" NOT just sitting down. I know I need more creative time....that is such a rewarding, reflective time. I also need more time to meditate, work with the cards, and just reflect on life. Instead I find tension...inside me....waiting to pounce....on what or when? I do not know.

Sometimes I'm like a sponge too, absorbing the energy from those around me and when they are having bad times, negative life events or just the blahs themselves...I tend to pick up on it. It reminds me of the "sin eater". The person in the village who came to the wake and "ate the sins" of the deceased so they could ascend to heaven. But when the sin eater one really wanted to eat his sins because he had already absorbed so many from all that had passed before him.  It is a burden the sin eater carries. Sometime I feel the burden too....because I am so sensitive to the energy of others.

Well enough of the whine....I'm sure I'll be back soon with a much more lively and energizing post. Cheers....

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