Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Year: Change, Pep Assemblies, and Living It All

More last year blogging...come on you know you LOVE it. Well, I love it and it's my blog!!

We have a new principal. Remember the 14 in 30 years. Well WHY does number 14 have to have so much energy...right when I have so little?  I mean back in those kindergarten years... dressing up and doing zany days....why I LIVED for that! Ha, if it had been green and white day I could have dressed up like the Grinch. Well, our colors are RED and WHITE so I had to come up with something a little wacky.

This awesome inspiration came to be at 5:00 am on the morning of the pep assembly. I thought I need to ask my friend for the fur leggings she wore for Madonna Mania!!  I entered school with the black and red and got "attacked" immediately. Well, attacked is a little harsh but they yelled at me..."red and white". I said "back off Bs...I'm heading down to get the rest of my outfit!!"

 Hence I arrived back at Blackhawk Middle School with my WHITE fur leggings. Man they were HOT. AND with my red and white hat (yes she just happened to have it so I thought...what the heck.)I look like a damn Whoville.  At least I showed some spirit...for this my last fall pep assembly!

I'm trying to "live it all" even when I feel some internal resistance. Not resistance because I am negative just because after 30 years of's just lost a little sparkle. I'm still excited about life but in a different way. I must report though that the kids loved the awesome-ness of my fur legs and all the sixth graders kept wanting to touch them...weird....but it makes me laugh!

Now just one question: "Do I HAVE to do pajama day Monday?"   A whole week of wackiness might be more than I can bear at this point. (just kidding).

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