Monday, September 9, 2013

Thunder and Lightning

As you go about this week, here’s a question to ponder: Are you the thunder or the lightning?
Lightning is the power electrical charge produced from a buildup of both positive and negative forces within a cloud formation.  Thunder is the sound produced by lightning.
Lightning is often seen as a “negative force” but I chose to look at it differently. Think of yourself as the cloud. As the two forces (both negative and positive) build up internally.. lightning is produced. It can be a swift sharp illumination. Or it can flicker dimly in the distance. It’s impossible to miss though. Can you channel the raw energy produced by these lightning bolts? Can you use them to charge forward into the darkness and light up an otherwise bleak landscape?  Can you feel the energy of the lightning cascading through you?  Lightning can be a beautiful display. It can electrify life and cause us to gasp in wonder. It can also destroy. If you are the lightning you must use caution to contain it as a raw energy force and not a destructive one.
Or perhaps you are the Thunder (not my most favorite but sometimes we are just the thunder). The noise left behind when the powerful current produced by the lightning subsides. Are we just the noise?  The noise is late in coming and isn’t really pretty. It can be a gentle rumbling but it still just rolls across the sky without much power. In other words “talk is cheap”. Will you produce energy, beauty, and a breath taking display or will you “show up late” and rumble, roar, and boom?

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