Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conferences, Conversations, and Call Outs

Last autumn parent teacher conferences!  We still have another round in the spring. Parent teacher conference days can be helpful but they can also be long and rather tedious.  I spoke with about 8 total parents during the two days, although of course, teachers spoke to many more.  Most of the ones I spoke with had to do with bullying. This is something that seems to be a difficult thing to eradicate.

At times some of the conversations seemed to go like the cartoon above.  :) 
Conversations are something that have been on my mind of late. I think I mentioned somewhere before about the surreal feeling I get sometime from people that I know are not being upfront and honest. Now honest does not mean brutal. I do not expect people to rip into others but I HATE the way some people sugar coat and smile and act all wonderful when I know inside they have questions, comments, beliefs, thoughts, etc they are not sharing. I don't like fakes or pretenders. While I also know that behind the scenes they are whining, manipulating, and stirring up trouble.  I'm not talking parents here...necessarily...I'm talking staff, administrators, etc.
Increasingly I have the desire to throw a bullshit card...with some people. To call them out on their manipulative, back stabbing, two faced approach to life. I'm not particularly good with this....not because I'm afraid to...but because I veer away from banging my head against a brick wall. Human nature is hard to change.. People tend to stay as they are regardless of what people say or do. So calling them out might get them to squirm for a bit but overall it's usually a waste of time. They might adjust a little and find a somewhat different (and still devious) way of doing something but the true course seldom changes.
Instead I've taken to "being a fox". Ha...that makes me laugh!  I mean a fox as in my totem animal...the fox. Foxes are often silent and observing. They take in all sorts of data and information but they are patient and observe the comings and goings while appearing not to. A fox is patient and judges when and where to step out. They are cunning in their understanding of human nature and prefer to absorb what they know and see while keeping a close eye on their own position. They may appear to not care, to be distancing themselves, to be half asleep but never under estimate a fox...they know exactly what is going on.

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