Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Things Friday

So I've decided Fridays will be Five Things Friday here at Ginger's Journey. I'm a person who likes to keep my options it might be five random thoughts, five things I love, five things I hate, five pieces of advice or whatever seems to be stuck in my mind at the time!

This week will be Five Things I Love About October:

Schenck Girls Haunted Weekend. We do our haunted weekend the first weekend in October and this year we went to Alton for the Haunted Alton tour, some great food (and drink) and a lot of laughs.

Feeding the animals at Big Joel's Safari. This is a great little afternoon adventure. There are so many cute animals and it is so relaxing to stroll around feeing them and watching their antics.

Witches Night Out at Kimmswick.....with some of my favorite witches! This is our second year attending the event and it is so much fun to relax and see all of the creative witch outfits people come up with!

Next up is the Haunted Tour and overnight at Lemp Mansion in St. Louis Missouri. This is one of the most haunted locations in the country. Can't wait to do the tour and stay over night on my birthday...coming up Tuesday October 15th! (more details will follow after our stay I'm sure!)

Here's a little video someone created on youtube. The whole house is haunted but some locations see more activity than others. We have rooms on both the second and third floors so we hope to have an interesting experience.

Also coming soon....our annual Halloween party....October 26th. This is a picture from last year when we did a Witch Hunt (sort of think Murder Mystery party with a witchy slant.)
We were just talking about how October seems to be our busiest month....maybe even more than December. Maybe because it is my favorite month of the year!  I love October.

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