Sunday, October 6, 2013

Haunted Alton (Sneak Peek)

Schenck Girls Weekend was October 5th and 6th. We decided to do Haunted Alton. There's lots I want to write about the haunted tour but for now I am just giving you a sneak peek of the weekend.

Now from this picture you might think we are alcoholics....but honestly we didn't drink all of this. It's just that the yummy sounding names and the great fall labels made us want to buy all kinds of drinks!

Here's a picture of the girls at this cute little place we had lunch in Alton. It's called State Street Market and the food was delicious!

Sometimes we end up at the strangest places and the Alton trip was no different. We went to the Torture Museum at The Mineral Springs Hotel (which is haunted by the way) and they had all sorts of torture devices. This is a chastity belt. UGH. It looks dreadful.

So that's it for now....I'll do another blog post with more details later!!


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