Thursday, October 3, 2013

Numbers, Memories, and the Cafeteria Boycott

The number 30....number of years I'll have been in education when I retire at the end of this year. Really it is mind boggling where the time has went. The years flew by and it seems like only yesterday when I started that first year with 9 first graders.
56....the age I will be when I retire. You know I realize how lucky I am. The Missouri School Retirement System is a real blessing in my life because otherwise there is no way I'd get to retire at the "young age" of 56.
The year I started teaching....and NO comments about how some of you weren't even born at the time. I did take off a couple years when my daughter Katie was born which is why I didn't retire two years ago!!
The money I've made in education......NOT!
Impossible to count the number of friendships over my teaching career. That's one of the thing that makes me saddest about turn over in the district....people come and people has sort of hardened me to really connecting with "new" people.
Another impossible thing to count....the number of cafeteria lunches I've eaten...and all in 25 or less minutes for lunch!  I do remember the one time the teachers in Daniel Boone all got mad because the cafeteria wouldn't give us extra ketchup and charged us like 5 cents for a we all boycotted the cafeteria. Mr. Rohrs, the superintendent at the time had to come down and have a meeting with us. To straighten things out. I remember asking him if we could have "a cup."  He said "of course this is Warren County R-3." funny!

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