Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What I'm Reading Tuesday: Christmas Travelers

This week I'm reading a book called Christmas Travelers. First let me tell you it is a free copy I received from the author for review on my blog (Rudolph Ramblings). I have to read it before I can review it so that leads to this post here at Ginger's Journey.
The book is about six strangers that meet on a flight on December 24th. They are all very different and traveling to different places but their plans go astray.  That's about all the details I can give you right now as I just started reading it. It does seem and easy inspiring read so far.
I will say I appreciate the fact that it is available in Kindle version, as well as, paperback. By the way...after I review it over at Rudolph Ramblings I am planning to offer my slightly used copy as part of a blog give away. So if you like entering giveaways be watching for it.
I know its not even Halloween yet but if I want to get it reviewed in time for people that like to read Christmas novels during the holiday season...then I need to get moving!

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