Monday, October 7, 2013

Word for the Week: Unearthly

A few years back I did a couple of posts where I took the previous week and summed it up in one word....I thought I might try doing this again. It's a nice way to summarize and reflect on the past week.

The Word for the Week is unearthly.  Unnatural or mysterious (in a disturbing way).

I think it's a pretty good word to describe a week that ended with a ghost hunt in haunted Alton.  There are however other aspects of the week that made it unearthly. I've been observing people again and some of their actions and reactions just don't add up. I have used the words Stepford Wives to describe this more than once. You may remember the movie where husbands create their ":perfect" wives by turning them into robots. There's something afoot here and I'm not sure what it is. Whole groups of people don't change their reactions to things without some indicators. I'll just keep observing but for now I find it interesting AND unearthly.

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