Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Therapy: Stop Rewinding

Stop rewinding....the bad memories. The things you wish you had said, the things you wish you hadn't said, the things you could have done. The past is the past and replaying things doesn't really change anything. It only serves to depress you and give you a sense of melancholy. Too often we stay focused on things that are no longer relevant. No longer "in play" so to speak. This attitude prevents us from living NOW. This creates a loop that you become stuck in. By not living week, next month, next year you will be thinking "why didn't I.. ___________"

Stop the madness. As much as we would like there isn't a rewind button in life. Enjoy the happy memories (but don't live in them) and let the bad ones float away. When you catch yourself dwelling on something...give yourself a mental kick in the butt and find something fun and more productive to do!

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