Monday, January 27, 2014

Next Steps: The Last Year

So I have a couple of details to iron out yet. I want to meet with a financial planner to ask a few questions and make a decision about a couple of things then I'm ready to finish filling this out and will mail it in.!  Today I gave PSRS the paperwork for my auto deposit and also my death benefit paperwork. They also copied my birth certificate, Dale's birth certificate, and our marriage license so they have those all on file. I will be meeting with the financial planner in February so plan on mailing this off March 1st!

Would love to CELEBRATE more but I feel like there is a lot of work still to do this last semester! I will be more in the mood to celebrate once registration, course requests and locker assignments are DONE!!  Oh the life of a middle school counselor!

I'm interested to see who applies for my position and I wish all the applicants good luck!  It's a position I have enjoyed very much and I hope whoever gets the position will enjoy it also. I'll be turning in my letter to central office on February be watching for the opening!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crazy Winter, Last Semester, and Reflecting on Life

I can't even tell you what day I'm on during this my last year....because of all these crazy snow days and days for -20 temperatures! But I think I'm on.....

Actually I am sure it will be a few less because my extended days are now intruding into my Alaska Cruise dates and I just can't have that!
Hasn't this winter been surreal. First we had an extended holiday break because we had 7 snow days in a row tacked onto the end of our Christmas break!  Then we managed to get a week in before we had the on again off again week. We went to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe Mother Nature is protesting my retirement.!
There's a lot of work yet to be done this last semester what with registration, schedules, lockers etc. Hopefully can get myself a little more psyched up to do it. It's getting a little hard to get motivated!  I plan on turning in my official letter on February 3rd so I can give the district plenty of time to find a good replacement, ( you think there's someone in Warren County R-3 that doesn't know I'm retiring?'s not like I haven't been shouting it from the roof top!) Although I complained sometime about the craziness of the education world, overall it has been a satisfying life and has provided for my family.
I'm looking forward to the end of the year but will be glad when the work is actually complete so I can feel like things are in order.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Neverending Holiday Break

So we were supposed to return to school on January 2nd but we are still off due to record snowfall, cold temperatures and now more snow and possibly a little freezing rain. I'm all ready to wear my 100 Days left shirt but alas....the time has not arrived!

I've always said there's no use worrying about Mother Nature because it's not something you can control. I've had some GREAT extra days off...sledding, Mexican Train dominoes, lunch and dinners with friends, snow day poker and lots of laughs.
I have been a little restless a couple days which in turn made me wonder if retirement will find me bored or restless. I think this is a little different though as I feel like I have "unfinished business". It's not like I can adjust to my "new normal" because I know at some point, on some day I will be returning to work.  There's a lot to do yet to finish the year and shut down the 2013-2014 school year. So many dangling ends. 
Being restless and bored isn't anything confined to snow days. Sometimes it happens on weekends, or even during a busy school day. One might have a 100 and 1 things to do and still feel a bit restless. No I think this vague feeling of restlessness is related to knowing that even though I have days off it is not truly... "over". Plus with this weather I've been "in the house" more than usual!
More Last Year thoughts coming your way soon. :)

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