Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crazy Winter, Last Semester, and Reflecting on Life

I can't even tell you what day I'm on during this my last year....because of all these crazy snow days and days for -20 temperatures! But I think I'm on.....

Actually I am sure it will be a few less because my extended days are now intruding into my Alaska Cruise dates and I just can't have that!
Hasn't this winter been surreal. First we had an extended holiday break because we had 7 snow days in a row tacked onto the end of our Christmas break!  Then we managed to get a week in before we had the on again off again week. We went to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe Mother Nature is protesting my retirement.!
There's a lot of work yet to be done this last semester what with registration, schedules, lockers etc. Hopefully can get myself a little more psyched up to do it. It's getting a little hard to get motivated!  I plan on turning in my official letter on February 3rd so I can give the district plenty of time to find a good replacement, ( you think there's someone in Warren County R-3 that doesn't know I'm retiring?'s not like I haven't been shouting it from the roof top!) Although I complained sometime about the craziness of the education world, overall it has been a satisfying life and has provided for my family.
I'm looking forward to the end of the year but will be glad when the work is actually complete so I can feel like things are in order.

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