Monday, January 27, 2014

Next Steps: The Last Year

So I have a couple of details to iron out yet. I want to meet with a financial planner to ask a few questions and make a decision about a couple of things then I'm ready to finish filling this out and will mail it in.!  Today I gave PSRS the paperwork for my auto deposit and also my death benefit paperwork. They also copied my birth certificate, Dale's birth certificate, and our marriage license so they have those all on file. I will be meeting with the financial planner in February so plan on mailing this off March 1st!

Would love to CELEBRATE more but I feel like there is a lot of work still to do this last semester! I will be more in the mood to celebrate once registration, course requests and locker assignments are DONE!!  Oh the life of a middle school counselor!

I'm interested to see who applies for my position and I wish all the applicants good luck!  It's a position I have enjoyed very much and I hope whoever gets the position will enjoy it also. I'll be turning in my letter to central office on February be watching for the opening!

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