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Sundays, Rainy Days and Mondays

I have been thinking for quite some time, how I'd like to get organized enough, "together" enough, caught up enough (well you get the picture) to truly use Sunday as a day of rest. I've been flitting around the idea for years and at some points in time I've pulled it off simply by just not doing anything on Sunday regardless of what needs to be accomplished. Not always a very successful enterprise because "rainy days and Mondays" do happen! At other times I've managed to really get my week in order and have a "day of rest" without stacks of laundry, dirty dishes, and cobwebs.  I'm sure once I retire here in a few months I should be able to "pull it off." (In theory anyway)

The truth is the world is a blur of rush. It's hard to find even small pockets of time to reflect and really relax. Yet it's those times that matter the most and give us the energy to "get through" the rest of the chaos. Let's take sn…

Retirement Ahead

Retirement Countdown by Category: Lunch Duty Days Left= 26 Faculty Meetings= 3 Socials to Supervise= 1 Professional Development Days= 1 Parent Teacher Conferences= 1 Mondays= 13 Tuesdays= 14 Wednesdays= 14 Thursdays= 14 Fridays= 14 Extra Days left per extended contract = 7 Total Days=  76

The Last Year: The Letter

On Monday February 3rd I turned in my letter to the district indicating my intent to retire at the end of this school year. Another milestone moment in this the LAST year! Still seems surreal!

I think this sign speaks to my mind set. I admit a tad bit of nervousness as I sent the "official" letter. I'm excited and look forward to a lot of opportunities ahead but at the same time this career has defined and consumed my world for 30 years. That's not something you let go of lightly. I'm more than ready to move into a new phase of life but I think a little nervousness is quite normal!

It's like the end of a great movie (well... great to You know the ending is coming and you are wanting to know the outcome but at the same time you aren't quite prepared for it!  Rather than thinking of it as the end of a great movie I'm going to think of it as an opportunity to "direct" another hit!  Summer awaits, Alaska cruise and then I'm doing…

14 in 2014

I always wanted to do reading challenges and then fall decided to do one I think I can actually accomplish. READ 14 BOOKS in 2014! Sounds simple right? However the books have to be carefully selected and I want them to cover some different genres.

Here's my list so far:

1. 99 Blessings 
2. Never Go Back 
3. Omens 
4. Criminal 
5. Red Hill 
6. The Blood Gospel   
7. The Fate of Mercy Alban