Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sundays, Rainy Days and Mondays


I have been thinking for quite some time, how I'd like to get organized enough, "together" enough, caught up enough (well you get the picture) to truly use Sunday as a day of rest. I've been flitting around the idea for years and at some points in time I've pulled it off simply by just not doing anything on Sunday regardless of what needs to be accomplished. Not always a very successful enterprise because "rainy days and Mondays" do happen! At other times I've managed to really get my week in order and have a "day of rest" without stacks of laundry, dirty dishes, and cobwebs.  I'm sure once I retire here in a few months I should be able to "pull it off." (In theory anyway)

The truth is the world is a blur of rush. It's hard to find even small pockets of time to reflect and really relax. Yet it's those times that matter the most and give us the energy to "get through" the rest of the chaos. Let's take snow days for instance. We were off a lot this winter and quite honestly, I didn't DO much on those days. The problem becomes you really relax and enjoy the time provided by Mother Nature or do you in the back of your mind wallow in all that you "should" be doing?

I want to hypothesize that this inability to let go and just BE. To just relax and allow your soul a bit of rest is actually what causes things like .....

"Talkin' to myself and feelin' old
Sometimes I'd like to quit
Nothing ever seems to fit
Hangin' around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down."
Lyrics: Rainy Days and Mondays
It's a mind set for sure. Sometimes I love rainy days! It all just depends what I had in mind for the day. If it was some great outdoor adventure then yes rainy days get me down. However if its a nice gentle rain and I have a warm blanket and a great book then I don't mind that rainy day a bit. Mondays are notorious as the start of a work week and people bemoan the loss of the weekend. More often than not I find myself doing that too. Remember mind set can help. Give your self something to look forward to on Monday. A special yummy lunch or a hot cappuccino on the way to work, whatever makes the day a little brighter for you!
It's a mind set.
So is reserving Sunday for a day of rest, a day to refuel your soul. If you can't find a whole Sunday (or whatever day) to just relax and refuel then start with just a few hours (Sunday morning or afternoon). Build on this over time until you can carve out a whole day to just BE. Sure get organized and "together" so you can relax more and have this special time....but DON'T wait to do it...let's face it....I may never be organized....let go of that and reach for reserving the day (or time) instead and then let everything else fall into place. Turn off the worries in your mind and truly relax.

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