50 Days, Contracts, and the Countdown

So today I pulled down the number 50.....which means next week I'm in the 40s. Now for those of you counting down the school year too....this also includes 6 extra contract days so don't panic...today was really day 44 for you!

They also handed out contracts at the middle school today. I didn't get one. Bittersweet. I know that I'm ready to retire and looking forward to it but every once in a while a little melancholy sneaks in. Wow...no contract.

I'm not going to look back. There have been tons of good times and some bad too. Ahead of me I am going to concentrate on my writing, both blogging and finishing the book I started. I also have home projects, travel, and just relaxing lined up to fill my days. Filling my days won't be hard but I know there are people that I will miss seeing on a daily basis. And honestly some that I will be happy to NOT see. Just being honest because I believe in being "real" not fake. In fact the fake people are the ones I won't miss. And soon I will be able to say.......


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