Saturday, March 29, 2014

Don't Regret

Don't regret.....good advice. Sometimes we look at age in a skewed way. I always say that while I don't like the aches and pains (both physical and psychological) of growing's better than the alternative, which is...dying young.  There's still much to do in life and while some days are better than others overall life is good!

Reality is a construct that we seldom question. We should. We are truly the creators of our own reality. As we believe, so shall it become.  Believe great things because life holds them. Question the wrongs but don't allow them to seep into your reality. Move past them into the life you want to construct.

I can't wait to BLOOM.....I hope those of you that read Ginger's Journey will continue to and walk along with me on this journey of retirement and see the adventures that await.

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