Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Year: Snow Days, Summatives, and Socials

I haven't been writing much about this the last year lately. I feel like I'm in a time warp. Time is going fast and slow at the same time. The snow days of January, February, and yes even one in March certainly threw off the rhythm of the year. I've been a little melancholy of late, nothing terrible, just lots of memories of lots of years in this job. I also have a sense of really how little my leaving will affect the overall school community. I don't really mean that as a downer comment, just simply to point out that I am a dinosaur.

The building I work in has very few people that have traveled this journey with me. Really only two or three. Everyone else has been in education less than ten years! I don't have "collective memories" with many of these people. There is not the bond that exists when one travels a road with others, fights the same fights, cries the same tears, celebrates the same successes. I will fade into the night, the new year will start and I will then be in another universe or perhaps a different dimension of time. Perhaps that is how it should be.

My word for 2014 is CELEBRATE...and that is what I shall do. There are many endeavors, adventures, and opportunities that I am looking forward to in retirement. I might actually get to finish writing that book I started oh so long ago. I'll be blogging more, creating more art, traveling more, reading more, and in general just doing more of what I love! I have several home projects that I am anxious to start on.

I supervised my last social on February 27th and boy what a social it was! That was a milestone I was glad to mark off my list. Some student behavior was less than ideal. I've also marked off some other LASTS.....

****last fifth grade registration classes (for incoming 6th graders)
****last sixth grade registration classes (for incoming 7th graders)
****last social (as stated earlier)
****last summative evaluation (why bother right? but the process goes forward no matter what)

All those snow days sort of made me feel like this sign....which way to go?  I was like a plane in a holding pattern. Hopefully the snow is behind us and spring is ahead. I find it ironic that I am waiting so impatiently for spring. Then what am I going to do? Head out on an Alaska cruise back into the cold....LOL. My first great adventure after retirement.

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