Monday, April 21, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Abundance

Today's word is abundance.

Definition: "a very large quantity of something"

Doesn't sound like education does it? We seldom talk about abundance as more often we talk about low pay, long hours, huge expectations, high stakes testing and other such things. While in terms of money perhaps I haven't had abundance these last 30 years; in other ways I have been blessed with an abundance of other meaningful things.

First let me address the money issue however. This career has provided for my family. We aren't rich but we made it work. All in all education is a secure employment with at least a possibility of pay increases. Most years of those 30, I at least received an increase, even if slight. Some people work for years with very little increase. I'm thankful that the education field (along with my hard working husband) allowed me to feed, cloth and house my family.

There has been an abundance of other things though. People who love kids, great life long friends, love, support, caring, shoulders to cry on, people to laugh with, meaningful insights, stories galore, and priceless days spent doing something I loved (about 98% of the time, I mean let's be real!)

Abundance isn't about having everything you want. It's about loving what you have so much that you don't miss anything. It's about knowing what really counts in life and surrounding yourself with those things (people really). It's about cherishing every positive aspect while trying to delegate the negative to the basement. You might not get rid of the negative altogether, I mean we are human, but at the very least put it where it belongs, below ground level.

So yes, I feel like I have had an abundant work life. I realize how very lucky that makes me. Today's world is a scary place when it comes to employment. I have been blessed!

Till tomorrow....another day...another word! 

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