Tuesday, April 29, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Doors

Doors. I remember walking through the door of my first class at UMSL. What a strange and scary experience for a country girl in what I considered the BIG city. I remember for years, even after I graduated I had nightmares of trying to find a class and wandering for hours in huge empty buildings with no one to ask for assistance.
There are plenty of doors over 30 years. The door to my first classroom at Bellflower Elementary. The door to my beloved kindergarten classroom where I spent many of hours laughing and playing and enjoying the company of 5 year olds!
But this post is about more than just the physical doors to the classrooms, offices and school buildings. It is about the doors we open in our lives. The experiences that we enter into that often change the course of our lives. Deciding to go into counseling, opened the door to opportunities to work with people at the middle school level. Which broadened my perspective of the world in more ways than I can even begin to explain. We can open doors and we can close them. Each decision brings with it pathways to explore, people to know, personal beliefs to uphold, and a direction to head. Honestly there is nothing wrong with closing a door. It doesn't have any negative meaning in and of itself. It simple means that it is not an area we want to enter into or one that we have finished exploring. I closed the door on kindergarten, I've never regretted it but I can honestly say looking back that those years were some of the best in my teaching career!
Doors come in all shapes and sizes, some are old and worn and speak of wisdom, while others are dressed in a fresh coat of paint. Don't be fooled by the old doors that seem ready to fall apart. Sometimes those doors offer the most defense against an invasion. Because you see doors can be used to keep things out as well. Fatigue, despair, stress and worry can all be sealed behind a sturdy door.  A good door is something to be valued!
So I wouldn't say I am closing the door on education because it no longer leads somewhere. I will simply say I am closing it because it no longer leads where I wish to go. It has taken me to the place I wish to be and for that I am grateful. There are other doors to open in my hallway of life. Behind each I will find something to learn from, explore, treasure, and share with others.
The only question that remains is which one will I open first.

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