Tuesday, April 22, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Hope

Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Spent a lot of time with hope over the last 30 years. One cannot survive in the school setting without a good dose of it. There's lots of hoping that goes on every day.....

1. Hoping that you get through the day without "losing it"
2. Hoping that when the principal walks in your room the kids are all behaving.
3. Hope that the rainstorm is just a storm and not a tornado when you are responsible for a bunch of little people.
4. Hope that someone will realize that the latest mandate doesn't do justice to what teaching is all about....whether its MAP testing, No Child Left Behind, etc.
5. Hope that Friday will arrive quickly.
6. Hope for a snow day....yes you know we do that...maybe not this last winter but for sure in the past.
7. Hope that you can teach everything necessary before summer break.
8. Hope that whoever moves into the room next to you stays a few years!
9. Hope that no child comes to school hungry but rather ready to learn!
10. Hope that you can make a difference somewhere along the line.

Here's something we might forget sometimes though....we hold people's hope in our hands. That silly little kid with the dirty face and toothless grin is some family's hope for the future. They hope we will love them and accept them with all their tantrums, insecurities, challenges and faults. It's a pretty awesome task when you think about it....holding hope in your hand. I loved doing it, sometimes cried when I felt unable to protect that hope, sometimes smiled with joy at a small success, regardless hope still exists that no matter where I am or what I do that I will always be able to move in a direction that will impact someone's life in a meaningful way; give them hope.
Till later....here's hoping I can keep up my promised 40 days and 40 words posts.... :)


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