Monday, April 14, 2014

40 Days and 40 Words: Tapestry

Today's word is tapestry. Each of the days of my life is woven into a tapestry with threads of sadness, joy, hope, friendship, adventure, discouragement, triumph, defeat, and all manner of human feelings and conditions.

So many of the threads of my tapestry are related to my work in education. Some of the threads are long and detailed while others are just a few stitches. It's amazing how many people come and go in your life during a 30 year time period. Some are people that have barely touched my life, mere stitches in the tapestry of many. Others have colored my life with threads of rich hues and lengths. Some are even dark threads perhaps of challenging people but ones I have learned something from none the less. We can't pull those from the tapestry or we ruin the overall quality of it but we can overwhelm them with the rich and vibrant ones that shimmer and dance across this tapestry of life!

I love this! It is in accord with my thoughts about the tapestry created during my years in education. It isn't the whole story of my life but it is a big part of it!
Cheers for now. I'll be back soon with the next word in my 40 Days -40 Words series.

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