Thursday, May 8, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Change

I have a love -hate relationship with today's word: Change.
I'm pretty open to new ideas and mixing things up so it that regard I love change!  On the other hand some of the constant changes we deal with in education aren't helpful.  I feel like education is the sign above. No matter what direction you head there are changes. While I think changes bring about growth I also think that too much change is destructive to the educational process. Sometimes we don't even "learn" the new process, program or strategy and someone is telling us that it's time to move on to the next new thing. How can you prefect something (or at least get it to a high level) without time?
This is how you survive in education in 2014. You build windmills and you hope they stand tall and strong until the next change comes along. You usually don't have to wait too long!
Yet I am also a firm believer in the fact that life is a whole series of changes. It flows naturally through time and change is inevitable. Life changes.....I am about to experience that. I look forward to blogging more here at Ginger's Journey and all my blogs after a rather busy summer. I hope if you are a new reader you will continue to check in and see what "changes" have occurred in my life!

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