Thursday, May 1, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Create

Today's word is create. It reminds me of kindergarten and all the fun the kids had creating things from nothing but junk, paper plates, sticks, ribbons and other bits of trash!  Usually they used a whole bottle of glue doing it!
We create a lot of things in education; lesson plans and friendships, files and favorites, emails and portfolios, future leaders and memories. Everyday we create meaningful change that we may not even be aware of. Sometimes we create a change in the course of someone's life that we never even realize. What we do seems small to us but can in fact be very large in importance in a child's heart or soul.
I'm creating change in my life by the fact that I am leaving the full time work force. It's a little scary. Today I mailed that final paperwork to Jeff City and I'd be lying if I didn't say it threw me off balance for a bit. This is REAL. This is PERMANENT. This is life altering.
Every day the people in the education field are predicting the future by building the leaders of tomorrow. The future I started 30 years ago is coming to an end soon. My new future is bright and I'm proud of the many people I've had the pleasure of knowing and the change I have been a part of. There's more ahead people! Education is at a crossroads. Keep strong!

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