Tuesday, May 27, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Dream

Today's word is dream. I agree with C.S. Lewis......you are never too old to dream. Dreams are the food of the soul and they make this wonderful path through life so much sweeter! Sometimes we get discouraged because something we long for doesn't become a reality. Let's face it that does happen and I would be lying to say otherwise. Yet when I look at all the things I've done in life, and with so many more to come.....I've done things I've never even dreamed of.......maybe those are the universes replacement for the ones that didn't happen!

There are things we day dream about and then there are dreams we aspire to. Maybe it's when the two become mingled that the true magic happens. When our day and our dream start to blur the lines then anything is possible. We carry the dream with us.

I've mentioned before it's a little scary, this letting go. Giving up a sense of identity and how you have structured your life, moving beyond the boundaries of the old and into the realm of the new. Exciting and filled with possibilities but also a bit frightening. I find myself questioning this or that aspect of life. I feel like I am reading a book and I need to turn the next page and yet I hesitate.. Where will the story take me?  That is still to be seen.
My dreams will help me find the rhythm of my new life. A life outside the confines of work and schedules and time fillers. I have dreams and plans and schemes, I just need to be patient and let them unfold in their own time. They are there waiting in the wings.

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