40 Days 40 Words: Endings

While today isn't "technically" my last day...it is the last day with students in the building, and after all students are the life blood of education.

My "last year" is rapidly coming to an end. This day represents it probably better than my actual final day of work. Endings create new beginnings.
Everybody keeps asking me what I am going to "do."  I'm not sure. I want my first year of retirement to be a year of "becoming". I want to be able to  wander aimlessly, to muse, to explore, to just "be." When you think about it, I've pretty much been going, going, and going for the last 38 years, since high school graduation. While I wouldn't change a thing; it will be nice to catch my breath and devote some time to just "being".
Maybe this will be my new motto. Here's hoping to making it through this last day with a smile and lots of laughter!


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